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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Choose Your Very Own Disorder!!!

Since we now live in a society where you apparently no longer have to accept responsibility for your own behavior, maybe it's time we just pick the disorder that best suits our situation. I mean, we're all dysfunctional to some degree, right? Of course, no medical professional can just slap you in the face, and tell you to just use some common sense. It's much easier (and very acceptable) to just stick a label or two on you, prescribe some meds, and send you on your way!!! If you are real persistent, they may even refer you to a shrink, so you can REALLY rack up some serious medical expenses. And, those folks can get you on some real cool meds that will keep reality so far away you may never have to face it. Ahhhh, the serenity of it all....

Maybe we should just redesign the hospitals to include a vending machine for psychological disorders. Choose the item that best describes your situation, and a prescription drops into the tray:
  • Short attention span? - you have ADHD
  • Short fuse; always angry? - you have ADD or ADHD
  • Sleep with virtually anyone? - you have OCD
  • Reject all authority? - you have.... ahhh, you wouldn't believe me anyway

I wonder what would happen if the doctor just said, "Well, your parents left out the part about consequences for you actions. Snap out of it, and move on."


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